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Aerial view in worker hands installing bitumen roof shingles with air hammer and nail

5 Signs You Need a New Roof

A well-maintained rood ensures your family’s safety, which means it’s important to know the signs when it’s time to have your roof replaced. There are five signs you must know so you can replace your roof in a timely manner.

1. Your Roof Is Sagging and Drooping in Various Areas

If you notice that your roof is sagging or drooping in certain areas, this is a sure sign that your roof must be replaced. When your roof is sagging, this means that its support structure is failing. Usually, this is a result of your roof being weakened by moisture. If you climb onto your roof, walk around. If you notice that your roof feels spongy in some places, start the replacement process immediately.

2. You Can See the Sun Shining From Inside

If you go up inside your attic and see the sun shining overhead, your roof is wearing out and needs to be replaced. A roof that is in good condition should be able to block the sun out completely.

3. You Notice Damage

A small bit of damage does not necessarily mean it is time to replace your roof. If you notice extensive damage, such as shingles warping, cracks in the concrete, and areas that are thinning and cracking, then you are in trouble. When you inspect your roof, pay attention to areas that are more likely to receive damage, such as where your roof slopes as well as the places where slopes join. If you spot damage in the areas where the slopes in your roof are joined together, leaks will eventually result.

4. Vegetation Is Growing Everywhere

If you spot a small bit of vegetation on your roof, you can remove it; however, you must also contact a roofing professional to make sure this is not a symptom of a much larger problem. But if your roof is covered in vegetation, this means that a replacement is necessary. Vegetation on your roof means there is moisture causing the vegetation to grow, and the roots have penetrated your roof, compromising its integrity.

5. Your Roof Is Past Its Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of your roof depends on the materials that have been used to construct it. If you’re not sure of the age of your roof, have it inspected.

If you need roof replacement services and reside in the Mobile, AL area, contact Guy Brothers Roofing. We have been highly rated since 1970, and we offer top-notch customer service and possess significant experience. Our team of roofers can handle any roofing problem, so rest assured you are in good hands with us.

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