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Roof Repair in Mobile, AL

When a homeowner in Mobile, AL notices the signs of a roof leak in their home, their first thought is that they need a whole new roof. And for many folks in the community, a new roof is a significant investment that requires some saving over time. Unfortunately, the thought of that costly reroofing job stops many homeowners from calling (251) 250-2466 to get an estimate for a reliable and warrantied roof repair. The pros at Guy Brothers Roofing complete numerous cost-effective Mobile, AL leaky roof repairs each time a massive storm blows in off the Gulf and peels back the shingles on homes across Southern Alabama.

Just a few of the many neighborhoods we serve in Mobile

For fast and affordable roof repair in Mobile from the licensed professionals at Guy Brothers Roofing, get in touch today!

How Do I Know If My Roof Is In Need Of Repair?

Of course, it can be very difficult to see on top of your home. But there are many very reliable hints to alert you that your roof is in need of repair.Some of the most easily noticed indications include:

If you notice any of these indications of roof damage, call (251) 250-2466 to schedule a roof inspection before that damage results in leaks that create more costly damage inside your home.

Is My Roof Leaking?

Unfortunately, not all roof leaks are easy to spot. In some cases, they might only be letting a little water dribble into your home’s attic. So it is crucial to inspect these areas after a significant storm, especially when your roof is nearing the end of its life expectancy. More significant leaks are likely to leave larger clues such as:

Call (251) 290-8731 for roof leak repair in Mobile. We understand that any leak in your home is very upsetting, and our crews make every effort to respond immediately to these more urgent roof repair requests.

Severe Roof Damage

When hurricanes rip through the Gulf and up into Southern Alabama, there is often a wide swath of destruction and severe roof damage. Our crews work diligently to reach each customer who calls (251) 250-2466 for assistance once the storm has cleared and it is safe for our team to begin working. Tree branches and other flying debris can do a massive amount of damage to your roof. Even if you think that the debris did not cause damage, it is best to have the roof inspected by one of our seasoned professionals. It is vital that you have any damage documented to provide to your insurance company to help defray the cost of any necessary repairs. Please understand that when a storm hits our community, we will work as quickly as possible to get to your home and assist you.

Roof Debris

In our region, storms off the Gulf and Hurricanes are often to blame for large pieces of debris on your roof. However, we caution all homeowners against climbing onto the roof to remove debris. Even slight damage to your roof can compromise its strength and result in a dangerous fall if you are not prepared for a soft, damaged area as you walk across the roof surface. In addition, leaving debris on your roof can result in moisture damage as water remains under the branches or leaves and begins to rot the roofing material. When you see debris on your roof, make the smart call to (251) 250-2466.

Shingle Damage

The asphalt shingles on your roof look very durable. However, even a single damaged shingle can compromise your roof. The shingles should overlap. So when even one shingle is damaged or broken, a leak can develop. As soon as you notice any damage or abnormality in any shingles on your home’s roof, call (251) 250-2466 to avoid a costly roof leak.

Why Call In The Guy Brothers Roofing Pros For A Repair?

You take your car to a mechanic because that is the best person for a repair. So when you have a leak or damage to your roof, it only makes sense to call the professionals who have years of training and experience. In the case of a roof problem, Guy Brothers Roofing has been in the business for over 50 years. And as third-generation roofers, they know what it takes to make a roof repair that will last.

Call (251) 250-2466 for all your residential roofing needs and know that the Guy Brothers Roofing family will take care of any problems quickly and cost-effectively.

Contact your reliable roofing professionals at Guy Brothers Roofing for roof repair in Mobile, AL today!