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4 Signs Your Roof Needs Better Ventilation

In order to function properly and to provide its full range of protective benefits to the property, a roof must be properly ventilated. However, many homes in Mobile and the surrounding communities lack adequate ventilation. If this is the case for your home, you could observe a variety of undesired effects. What could you notice if your home needs an improved ventilation system this spring?

1. Moisture Damage on the Roof

One of the signs of poor roof ventilation that is easiest to observe is exterior water damage. Simply inspect your roof from the ground level. Look at the shingles, decking, soffit, and fascia. If you notice any signs of softness or damage on these features, you could have a ventilation problem. You understandably want your roof to be in its best condition before the tropical storm season begins in Mobile. These are signs that a roof inspection and repair work are needed.

2. Humidity in the Attic

You can expect your attic to be warmer than the rest of your house, but it should not be humid. Keeping humidity out of the attic can be a challenge, especially in Mobile, where the summers get extremely humid. Excess humidity in the attic can cause visible moisture on the trusses and other surfaces. When the issue persists or becomes severe, you may develop issues with mold growth. In some cases, the roof and even the interior ceiling structure in the home can be damaged. This level of property damage is extensive and costly to repair. Proper ventilation can prevent it.

3. Flattened Insulation

When insulation is exposed to humidity, it generally will flatten. This can occur even when humidity levels are only slightly elevated. You may not be able to feel a high humidity level in the attic or see signs of moisture on surfaces. However, flattened insulation is a tell-tale sign that the attic is more humid than it should be.

4. Challenges With Your Home’s Interior Climate

Have you noticed that your home’s energy bills have been higher than usual? Perhaps they have always been higher than friends and neighbors with similar-sized homes. Your home’s HVAC system may have a challenging time maintaining a comfortable interior climate when attic ventilation is inadequate. Because of this, you may feel as though you are constantly struggling with the thermostat or that your home is unevenly heated and cooled throughout the year. While there are other causes of uneven heating and cooling, such as an issue with the HVAC system or leaky window seals, this is a classic sign that a roofing inspection is needed.

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Spring is the season to focus on home maintenance and to prepare your property for the hot, humid weather conditions ahead. At Guy Brothers Roofing, we are proud to serve the roofing needs of Mobile residents. To learn more about the condition of your home’s roof this spring, contact us today.

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