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yellow damage warning sign in front of roof of house damaged by heavy hurricane tornado storm

3 Ways Your Roof Is Affected by Summer Weather

From hanging out at USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park to checking out the happenings and colorful houses on Dauphin Street, there are many things to do in Mobile, AL in the summer. We assume you’d prefer not to suddenly have roof-related issues to deal with as you enjoy summer here. Read on as we go over the top three ways your roof can be affected by summer weather. We also offer tips on how to keep your roof in tip-top shape as the temperature rises and the sun shines brightly.

1. Heat and Sunlight

You know that sunshine we just mentioned? Well, it’s often coupled with heat in the summer, especially in July and August in Mobile. All this heat and sunlight has the potential to damage the shingles on your roof. All common types of roofing shingles can be affected by summertime heat. For example, when asphalt shingles are exposed to long periods of high heat, they could sustain damage that includes:

  • Cracking
  • Blistering or bubbling
  • Curling around the edges

Clay and concrete may become brittle from long-term heat exposure. Even highly durable metal roofing can be affected by heat over time if not properly installed and maintained. If you’re already seeing signs your roof may have been impacted by summer heat from seasons past, contact us about roof repair to reduce the risk of leaks and other issues this summer.

2. High Humidity Levels

Summer heat often brings higher humidity levels in many parts of Alabama. Elevated humidity has the potential to affect your roofing because of the condensation that occurs. This can happen when some rainwater is left on your roof on a hot, humid day. As the water turns to vapor, it can get under shingles and create conditions ideal for rot and mold growth. If not detected and addressed, this type of damage can affect underlying roof structures. Minimize this issue by having your roof inspected at the start of the summer season so any weak spots can be properly sealed or repaired.

3. Summertime Storms

Summer storms in Mobile and surrounding areas in Alabama often come with a mix of heavy downpours and lightning. High winds can be thrown into the mix as well. Plus, the added moisture and water exposure that comes with summertime storms can contribute to warping and other types of surface damage. Debris from storms, like sharp, heavy tree branches, may also puncture your roof in weaker spots. Having seasonal roof inspections done is one way to reduce the risk of storm-related roof damage. You may also wish to consider roof replacement if you have an older home or business roof that’s more susceptible to storm-related damage.

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