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Roof Storm Repair

Your Roof Storm Damage Check List

Living in Mobile, you are sure to experience a few good storms each year. And once the hazards have passed, it is essential that you take a look at your home’s roof for any damage. The high wind, rain, and even hail from time to time can take a toll on the surface that is protecting your home and loved ones. So investing a few minutes to check for any damage is just a wise choice.

The Weather Conditions That Can Damage Your Home’s Roof

It is vital for homeowners to know about all the different aspects of bad weather that threaten their roofs. In addition, you need to know what types of damage to look for and where they might occur. Below is a short rundown of the potential storm hazards and what they can do to damage your roof.


When the wind reaches a speed of 74 mph, they are officially categorized as hurricane force. Gale force winds are in the 39 to 54 mph range. Both of these can cause visible damage to your roof, such as lifted or torn shingles, peeled metal, or torn surfaces due to blowing debris. Even lesser wind can lift some tiles or shingles. That is why the pattern of your roof materials installation is critical. The overlapping tiles or shingles provide added protection and durability for the surface that keeps the bad weather out of your home.


Hail will typically only fall for a few minutes, but it can be particularly damaging. It can shatter tiles, dent metal roofs, and tear up asphalt shingles. Unfortunately, hail is especially hard on shingle roofs with the tiny granules. That surface provides added protection from rain and sun damage but is prone to extensive damage from hail. Look in your gutters or on the ground near the edge of the roof for signs of damaged roofing granules.


As you can imagine, anything blowing around and hitting your roof can create both surface and structural damage. Therefore, it is essential to inspect the surface carefully if you suspect that tree branches or other storm debris have been in contact with your roof.

Your Post Storm Check List

There are many facets of your home that could be damaged during a severe storm. So, it is crucial that you inspect all of the following for damage:

  • The Roof Surface- walk the perimeter of your home to inspect for any visual damage or debris. If you can see specific parts of the roof from the windows in your home, check those vantage points as well.
  • Gutters, Venting, And Windows- Check all of the gutters and downspouts around your home for signs of damage or to see if they have come loose from the house. Loose gutters can result in water leaks at the foundation or along the edge of your home. Also, check windows for cracks or other frame damage. Finally, check the vent pipes and any other components mounted on the surface of your roof for damage.
  • Ceilings And Attic- If you have an attic, climb in to take a look for any damage or leaks that could be apparent after the storm. Also, look at interior ceilings for signs of water damage.

If you find any damage to your roof or cannot check the surface safely yourself, call (251) 250-2466. The experts at Guy Brothers Roofing will inspect your roof and provide you with a detailed list of any damage and repairs that are necessary. Our crew is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to provide you with added peace of mind when using our fully warrantied roof repair service. 

Get in touch with our highly rated professional roofing contractors today by calling Guy Brothers Roofing to schedule your services!