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Crew Installing New Shingles on Roof on a Rainy Day

Top Reasons to Let Professionals Fix Your Roof

Besides looking unsightly, a damaged roof can put a dent in the value of your home. While you may be tempted to save money and to attempt a quick DIY repair job, you’re better off trusting the professionals. The severe storms that can hit Mobile, AL may leave large pieces of debris on your roof, which can make a job too dangerous to handle by yourself. Here are some reasons you should trust professionals for your roofing repairs.

1. Experience

Professionals have seen a variety of roofing problems and know how to handle the repairs professionally and efficiently. They also know the exact tools required to perform any repairs you may need. A few how-to YouTube videos won’t compare to the years of experience that our professionals have. We can handle roofing problems such as damaged or missing shingles, destruction from lightning, roof leaks, harms from a snowstorm, tree loss, or clogged gutters.

2. The Right Materials and Costs

When you hire Guy Brothers Roofing, we get our materials at a discount or in bulk. We pass these savings onto you, the customer. If you plan to fix a damaged roof yourself, however, you’ll be paying full price for the necessary materials. Moreover, you may not know what the best materials are, so you may pick something of lower quality.

3. Thorough Inspection

When we come out to repair your roof, we’ll give it a thorough inspection. There may be more than one problem with your roof, and our team will be able to spot any additional issues. Our roofing contractors can alert you to any signs that may cause future problems. For example, we can find water beneath your roofing materials and give you tips about how to remove it.

4. Safety

Working on top of a roof can be dangerous. It can be slippery if there’s ice or if it’s wet, and it can be a liability if there’s a hole. Our roofing contractors are insured, and they have the right safety equipment to complete the job without injuries. If you don’t have the right safety gear, you risk falling or slipping.

5. Potential to Make the Problem Worse

If you don’t have years of experience with roofs, it’s possible to make your roof worse. You may buy low-quality materials or use the wrong tools, for example. These kinds of decisions could become costlier in the future. Instead of experimenting with a roof repair, call our team of professional roofing contractors, who will know exactly what to do.

Guy Brothers Roofing is proud to be in the roofing business for over 50 years. We’re third-generation roofers who can fix any roofing issue in Mobile, AL. Whether you need repairs from a thunderstorm, tree damage, old age, or lightning, we can help. Contact Guy Brothers Roofing for all your roofing needs.

Get in touch with our highly rated professional roofing contractors today by calling Guy Brothers Roofing to schedule your services!