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Roof line of a house with gabels

Signs Your Home Needs a New Roof Before Winter

Winter is coming, which means that now is a good time to check out your roof and see if it will last through the season. While Mobile, AL rarely gets snow, it does see temperatures drop. Winter can also bring a lot of rainfall that worsens any of the roofing problems you already have. Learn about the signs that you should replace your roof before winter and then call Guy Brothers Roofing for an inspection.


Even the newest roofs can spring a few leaks. Though you might have some hidden leaks that you can’t see, keep an eye out for visible leaks. Storm damage is one of the top causes of roof leaks. Summer and fall storms can produce enough wind that it tears off your shingles or breaks through your flashing. While we may recommend that you restore the roof, our roofers can also let you know if you need a whole new roof.

Shingle Damage

You should think of the shingles as one layer of protection in the whole roofing system. They sit on top of an underlayment that sits on top of the roof itself. When you lose a few shingles, it leaves the underlayment exposed and susceptible to damage. You’ll also want to look for shingles that are cupped or cracked. Cupped shingles curl around the edges and begin lifting off the roof. After a storm passes through Mobile, you may even see a few shingles in your yard.

Plant Growth

Another sign you need a new roof is when you see the presence of plants growing over it. While ivy and moss are dangerous, you also want to look for kudzu. Kudzu is a vine that grows wild across Alabama and can quickly grow from the ground and up the sides of your home to the roof. Many people joke that the only way to kill kudzu is with fire, but even flames may not help. If you see any green vines spreading across your roof, get help as soon as possible.


Whether you are the first and only owner of your home or bought it from someone else, look for information on the age of your roof. Most roofs have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Those that use tile or metal can last for up to three decades. As the roof ages, it suffers from problems that you cannot always repair on your own. An inspection is the best way to see if you need a new roof.

Make sure your home can survive the long and harsh winter in Mobile, AL with a professional inspection. Contact Guy Brothers Roofing today to learn more about roof replacements and repairs.

Get in touch with our highly rated professional roofing contractors today by calling Guy Brothers Roofing to schedule your services!