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How To Prevent Skylight Leaks This Winter

Adding a professionally installed skylight to your Mobile home is a great way to enjoy added light and increase your property value. These unique features provide a new appearance for any space and add visual interest to make your current living space feel brand new. They even offer a little added warmth from the sun’s radiant heat in the wintertime. But what no one ever talks about is the potential for a skylight to leak when the weather becomes cooler and much more moist.

The Common Causes Of Skylight Leaks

Many factors can contribute to skylight leaks during the winter months. Some of the most common include:

  • Missing or damaged flashing
  • Roof damage near the skylight that allows water to travel along the skylight frame to enter the house
  • Poor winter roof maintenance
  • Excessive condensation from high humidity inside the house

Any one of these issues or a combination of several of them can create a costly leak around even a professionally installed skylight.

How To Prevent Skylight Leaks In Your Home

  • Regular Roof Inspections – A professional roof inspection is the best way to know what is happening on your roof. During a seasonal roof inspection, your roofing expert will look for things like holes in the flashing, damaged or missing roof shingles, and signs of damage or deterioration of the roof surface.
  • Roof Maintenance – Most homeowners assume that their roof is maintenance-free. And that often leads to premature roof replacements due to deterioration and rot. Keeping the surface of your roof free from debris and water is essential. Allowing tree branches and stray leaves to accumulate and hold moisture will quickly create costly damage. A skylight can often snag a tree branch or gather leaves around the frame and create moisture issues. In addition, it is essential that water has a way to flow off of the roof’s surface quickly. That means regular inspections of your gutters and downspouts. Check for any blockages in the gutter that would cause water to back up and be forced under the edges of the roof surface. Also, ensure that the downspouts are free of clogs and secured to the house so that all rainwater will be directed away from the foundation to prevent winter flooding in your home.
  • Proper Ventilation – The humidity level in your home could also generate enough moisture to create a leak around your new skylight. Spaces like the laundry room, kitchen, and bathroom can significantly increase the amount of humidity in your home. And when that warmer moist air rises, it collects around the skylight and condenses. And even though it is not rainwater dripping from your ceiling, it is moisture that will cause damage to the inside of your home. In addition, that condensation can be collecting on the exterior of the skylight frame and flow into the various layers of your roofing material. That moisture will then promote mildew and rot under the shingles of your roof. Added ventilation or a dehumidifier could be needed to prevent any condensation on your skylight that could damage your roof or the interior of your house.

Tracking a skylight leak can be very challenging, even for a roofing professional. So it is essential that you call (251) 250-2466 at the first sign of moisture around your home’s skylight. The sooner the Guy Brothers Roofing experts can examine the roof and skylight, the less potential there is for expensive damage to your home or added challenges locating the source of the moisture. Our pros have years of experience locating these elusive leaks and will have the solutions you need to eliminate any skylight leaks and repair the damage to your roof.

Get in touch with our highly rated professional roofing contractors today by calling Guy Brothers Roofing to schedule your services!