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Common Signs Your Home Needs a New Roof

The roof is built with quality and durable materials to provide you with the protection you need each season. Over time, the elements and old age can cause the roof to start to deteriorate, which compromises its durability. If you want to maintain your home and avoid issues, there are a few common signs to take note of that indicate your house needs a new roof.

Curling or Missing Shingles

You may notice that the shingles that are installed on the roof deck start to curl due to frequent exposure to the sun on your property in Mobile, Alabama. This can prevent the roof from offering enough protection. Mobile is subject to heavy storms in August. During these storms, the shingles may come loose and fall off the house. Although you can attempt to secure the materials back onto the building, it’s a sign the roof is reaching the end of its lifespan.

Frequent Leaks

Older roofs are prone to developing a lot of issues as the materials begin to wear down. You may start to encounter a lot of leaks in different rooms of your home, which can quickly lead to mold and water damage. Leaks can be repaired by a professional, but it’s a better investment to install a new roof to avoid spending more money on repairs.

Old Age

The age of your roof is another factor that can influence when it’s time to hire a company like Guy Brothers Roofing to install a new roof. The lifespan of the roof is determined by the type of materials that are installed. Asphalt shingles are prone to last up to 30 years, whereas clay tiles and metal panels can hold up well for an average of 60 years.


Certain parts of the roof can start to sag when the materials are no longer holding up well. This can increase the risk of the roof caving in, which can threaten your family’s safety and lead to significant damage. Although sagging roofs can be repaired, it’s safer to install a new roof and restore your level of protection in the home.


Moss is prone to growing on older roofs during the colder seasons in Mobile, Alabama. The moss can overtake different parts of the roof where there isn’t enough sunlight. If it sits for too long, it can damage the asphalt shingles and cause the granules to start to fall off. Unfortunately, moss is prone to growing back after it’s brushed off, making it necessary to install a new roof.

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