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Fragment of the roof of a commercial building with an external unit of the commercial air conditioning and ventilation systems.

5 Benefits of a New Roof for Your Business

If your business in Mobile, AL has an old, leaky, or ugly roof, now is an ideal time to replace it. A new commercial roof is an investment in your business and future. Consider these five benefits of installing a new commercial roof.

1. Protect Your Investment

The roof of your business protects the whole building and everything inside of it. An old, leaky roof could result in major structural damage to your building. Roof leaks could also damage sensitive or expensive equipment, such as your HVAC system, servers, and electronics. Roof damage allows pests to get into your building and wreak more havoc. Water from leaky roofs can also damage critical paperwork, supplies, and inventory. Replacing your commercial roof protects your investment and could even lower your insurance premiums.

2. Enhance Curb Appeal

Customers, potential employees, and prospective clients will notice if the roof on your business is damaged. They may look at a dilapidated or damaged roof and make assumptions that your company is having financial problems or doesn’t care about workplace essentials. A new roof enhances your building’s curb appeal and demonstrates attentiveness and a future-thinking attitude.

3. Demonstrate Commitment

Installing a new commercial roof demonstrates that you’re committed to the future. Prospective clients or business partners will see that you’re planning to stay open and uphold your contracts. Employees will know that you’re investing in the building and the business, which makes them more likely to remain with your company. Employee loyalty and longevity are good for your bottom line.

4. Improve Safety

Replacing an old, leaking, or damaged roof improves workplace safety. Dripping water may cause slick spots on floors, putting guests and employees at risk of a slip-and-fall accident. One lawsuit from a slip-and-fall could put your company in financial jeopardy, and you can reduce this risk by installing a new commercial roof. New roofs, including flashing and drains or downspouts, also keep the perimeter of your building safer by diverting water away from sidewalks, doorways, and points of egress. New roofs also use high-tech fasteners that are less likely to fail in the extreme weather that Mobile can receive, such as hurricanes, tropical storms, or tornadoes.

5. Lower Utility Bills

Your building’s roof plays an integral role in the structure’s energy efficiency. Replacing a worn-out roof with a new one could lower your heating and cooling costs, which typically account for 50% or more of a business’s electricity and fuel bills. Your business will also be more comfortable with a new roof installed. Newer roofs reduce unwanted air exchange and provide enhanced options for active ventilation. Commercial roofing materials also feature coatings that reflect the sun’s heat away from the structure, which reduces cooling costs.

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