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House during day with truck by Single Family Home and man carrying roof shingles and ladder during repair

4 Practical Roof Maintenance Tips to Prevent Premature Roof Replacements

Regular roof maintenance can minimize the risk of faults that damage and shortens the roof’s lifespan. You can prevent a premature replacement by following these four practical steps.

1. Remove Debris from the Roof and Trim Trees

Branches, twigs, and wood planks can exert unnecessary pressure on the roof’s supporting structure. Moisture can accumulate and cause corrosion or algae growth, weakening critical roofing components. Therefore, you should clear any debris you spot on the roof.

Leaves and twigs can also clog the gutters and downspouts, preventing water from draining correctly. Poor drainage of water can damage the foundation as well. Ensure you clean and inspect the roofline before the July rains and thunderstorms in Mobile County.

Trim the trees around the house to prevent debris from accumulating on your roof. Check the growth of tree branches annually to determine if they need trimming. A tree too close to the house could fall and damage the roof.

2. Check the Flashing Around the Chimney and Skylights

Flashing protects the areas around the roof where water can easily pass through. Substandard flashing installation around skylights and chimneys can cause leakages. Roof flashing can also rust or break due to temperature fluctuations.

The flashing will need a replacement which may involve removing some shingles. If there are minute holes up to three inches, you can seal them with roofing cement. Otherwise, consult a roof repair professional in Mobile for the best results.

3. Improve the Attic’s Insulation

Attic insulation will prevent moisture buildup that could damage the roof. Rotting, warping and biological growth can weaken the integrity of the underlying structure.

An attic with poor insulation may cause ice dams on your roof to melt and refreeze around the shingles. The cycle of melting and freezing can shorten the lifespan of the shingles.

Your region’s climate will determine the appropriate grade for your home’s attic insulation. The R-Value for Mobile County is between R30 and R60. The ideal R-value will also depend on the age and condition of your home.

4. Inspect the Roof for Leaks

Despite its relatively mild climate, every season in Mobile County comes with unique challenges. The heavy showers in July and August and the erratic storms and hurricanes can impact the structural integrity of your roof.

The earlier you spot defects, the easier and more cost-effective it will be to repair the fault. Therefore, you ought to inspect your roof at least twice a year. Check for loose roof shingles or damaged flashing and schedule repairs promptly to avoid further deterioration.

Homeowners often ignore signs of a leaky or aging roof for fear of the perceived high cost of roofing repairs. However, if you skip the service, the issue could become more complicated, incurring unnecessary expenses. Contact Guy Brothers Roofing for honest pricing and top-rated roofing services in Mobile, AL.

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